What Are the Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds? Legal Rights of the Dog Bite Victim in Florida

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All dogs have the potential to be dangerous; however, some breeds are believed to be more dangerous than others. Certain breeds of canines are extremely large and can be stronger than the average person. Proper care and training can significantly impact a dog’s personality, but some dogs are inherently more aggressive than others. After extensive research and analysis by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the CDC, and the Humane Society of the United States, a top-ten most dangerous dog breeds has been compiled.
Below is this list from least to most dangerous breeds:
10. Dalmatian. – These dogs are extremely protective and can be very aggressive towards humans.
9. Boxer. – Boxers are not aggressive by nature, but they are very headstrong and, therefore, can be difficult to train.
8. Presa Canario. – These dogs were originally bred to herd and fight with cattle. Attacks by these dogs have been described as hopeless for their victims. These guardian-breed dogs have man-stopping ability and a complete lack of fear.
7. Chow Chow. – If poorly bred, these dogs can be highly aggressive – they need constant reinforcement.
6. Doberman Pinschers. – These dogs are great guard dogs; however, if provoked they can be extremely aggressive. A doberman will typically attack if it believes that its property or family is in danger.
5. Alaskan Malamutes. – Very energetic and active by nature, this breed needs a lot of exercise to avoid becoming destructive.
4. Huskies. – A 2000 study of fatal dog bites revealed that 15 of these bites were caused by the Huskey-type canine.
3. German Shepherds. These dogs are known for their fearlessness and confidence.
2. Rottweilers. The territorial instincts of this breed makes them very aggressive dogs.
1. Pit Bulls. – Pit bulls are fearless breeds. Their attacking tactic is to lock their jaws until their opponent is dead. This breed is highly sought for dog fighting and are known for mauling people to death.
Although dogs can make great pets, it is important to know a dog’s inherent nature and how to deal with them – especially if they are going to be around children. If you would like more information on these canines please see Top ten dangerous dog breeds.

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