University of Florida Student Suffers Serious Left Hand – Upper Extremity Injury at UF Equine Research Center

  • Sumo

An 18-year-old girl and University of Florida student, Courtney Mason, had her hand severed at the UF (University of Florida) Equine Research Center in Marion County. According to Marion County Sheriff, Capt. Eddie Leedy, Mason was sitting in the passenger seat of a UF vehicle while holding a rope lead line. The lead line was also attached to a horse and wrapped around Mason’s wrist, which was being held out of the UF vehicle. For some reason, the horse apparently became spooked or frightened and pulled away from the vehicle, severing Mason’s hand from her body. The hand was recovered and packed on ice and went with Mason to Shands at the University of Florida, Gainesville facility – it is unknown whether or not the hand was capable of being reattached.
If you would like to read more about this story see UF student severs hands at UF Equine Research Center.
Hopefully, Courtney Mason will have a full and quick recovery. Dealing with animals, although fun and educational, is inherently dangerous. Horses are strong and unpredictable animals, therefore, adults, and especially children and young adults, need to take extreme caution while around horses.

There are also liability issues regarding this tragic accident: Who will pay for the medical bills – the school? Do these damages include past and future medical bills? What about damages for loss of life? Contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for answers, guidance and experience on issues similar to these.

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