Dog Bite Attack in St. Augustine – 8 Year Old Boy Bit by Family Pet Pit Bull Dog

  • Sumo

An 8-year-boy was attacked by his family’s Pit Bull while outside of his family’s home in St. Augustine, Florida. The boy was in the front yard of his home when the Pit Bull lunged at him and began to bite the child. Family members were able to restrain the dog for a brief moment, but the dog broke free and charged at the boy a second time. Neighbors and family members had to beat the Pit Bull dog with sticks to ultimately free the child. The 8-year-old sustained personal injuries and puncture wounds to his head and neck, he was transported and treated at Flagler Hospital. St. Johns County Animal Control currently has custody over the dog. If you would like to read more on this story please see Boy attacked by pit bull in own front yard in St. Augustine, Florida.
If you would like to read the dog leash laws of St. Johns County, Florida please see Florida Leash Law – St. Johns County (St. Augustine) Florida.
It is important to obey your county and city dog leash laws. The leash laws are in place for several reasons, including but not limited to: reduction of stray dogs, spread of disease, and the number of dog bites or other types of dog attacks.

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