Florida Products Liability Cases – 3 Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

  • Sumo

When a product causes injury or harm, there is usually potential for a defective product liability claim. And even though the list of products can vary wildly – from consumer products to vehicles to pharmaceuticals – the types of defective product liability claims commonly fall into one of these three categories:
Manufacturing Defects. When a product does not function as it is supposed to because of the way it has been made and causes harm, the injured party may be able to file a defective product liability claim. Examples of a manufacturing defect could include tainted medicine, a car made with a faulty part, a tricycle with a missing seat bolt, and many more.
Design Defects. When the design of a product is inherently defective or dangerous, it can give rise to a defective product liability claim. SUVs that have been proven to flip over easily, airbags that do not deploy or toys made with lead-based materials are just a few examples of products that can cause injury due to defective design.
Failure to Warn. If product instructions or labels fail to provide adequate warnings about the proper use of a product and an injury occurs, the injured party may be able to recover damages with a defective product liability claim for failure to warn.
If you or a member of your family have been injured by a defective product, contact a Florida Products Liability Injury Attorney to guide you through law and to file a claim / action to enforce your rights as an injury victim.

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