Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida Day Care Centers – Many Facilities Lack Adequately Trained Day Care Staff

  • Sumo

Concerns are rising regarding the teaching staff in Duval County child care centers, mainly due to a lack of adequate teaching at such a critical development period in a child’s life. The sub-par training teachers are receiving is mostly caused by the low wages these employees are paid. In fact, employees at fast food restaurants earn higher wages than those who care for children. Thus, a revolving door of people who are hired and trained to teach the county’s children is created. For those child care teachers who do remain in the field, little training is required. A teacher must completely one 40 hours of initial training and then 10 hours every year after that. By comparison, nail technicians must complete 240 hours and barbers need 1,200. In an effort to increase the quality of education provided to children Duval County has implemented a system called Guiding Stars. The program provides funding for those child care centers who undergo an evaluation and go through the program’s training. If you would like to read more information on the Guiding Stars program please read What is the Guiding Stars program in Jacksonville Florida for Day Care Centers?
Also, if you would like more details on the inadequacy of Duval County’s child care centers please read Duval County’s concerns over care and education provided in its child care centers.

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