Where Can I Sign Up My Child for Swimming Lessons in Jacksonville, Florida?

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Summer is just around the corner and for millions of Americans that means it is the season for fun in the sun. The day light hours are longer, so there is much more time for children to play out by the swimming pool. As such, the importance of swimming lessons for water safety cannot be overstated especially in Florida; everyone and especially children should learn how to swim. Sadly, however, this is not the case. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children between one and 19. In addition, toddlers and teenage boys are the largest groups within that population.
Swim lessons teach children safety issues in a structured manner. Generally, children are taught to be unafraid of water and get their faces wet, then to float and breathe properly. The repetition used in organized swim lessons is the key because it triggers the same neurological result continuously and results in learning. The use of movement along with explanations and demonstrations by the teacher reinforces learning the movement.
Jacksonville, Florida parents should choose a swim program with care. Here are a few tips to help decide what swimming program is best for your child:
1.Evaluate the philosophy of the swim program: Some swim programs teach children to swim by use of flotation devices, while others prohibit their use. You will need to be sure that you are comfortable with the program’s instruction methods.
2.Choose a program with credentialed instructors: You want to be sure that your child’s swim program hires swim instructors who have lifesaving and lifeguarding credentials.
3.Consider your child’s learning style: Will learning to swim in a group be too distracting for your child? If so, you may prefer to enroll her in a swim program that offers private lessons.
4.Parental involvement: Find out what level of parental involvement is allowed and encouraged.
It is important for parents to realize that water is present even in areas without waterways; home pools, retention ponds and unsealed wells are just a few hazards present everywhere. Swimming lessons can prevent your child from drowning and becoming a fatal statistic. Visit Jax4kids to find out where in Jacksonville,Florida you can sign your child up for swimming lessons.

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