Report by Lake County (Florida) Medical Examiner – Drowning of Central State University Athlete (Jasmine Crenshaw) Determined to be Accidental

  • Sumo

An autopsy was performed on Central State University athlete – Jasmine Crenshaw – following the drowning incident at a Clermont resort. The medical examiner reported that the death was accidental in nature. The death and drowning of this college student came as quite a surprise to her teammates, the school, her friends, her family, and the community. She was a college athlete in peak shape and showed no signs of poor health or disease prior to the incident. There does not appear to be foul play or any criminal acts involved in the death of Jasmine Crenshaw. See Lake County Medical Examiner: Ohio Athlete Accidentally Drowned.
Swimming in any body of water whether a swimming pool, lake, pond, river, canal, or ocean can be quite dangerous. Some drowning incidents are unavoidable and result from an unexpected acute medical event. Other drowning incidents are avoidable with the implementation of lifeguards, good lighting, the buddy system, rest periods, and other safety precautions.

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