Household Safety Tips to Avoid Fires in the Home

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National Burn Awareness Week just ended Saturday, February 12. During this time, emergency officials urged homeowners to use the event to prevent fire-related injuries. Focus was especially put on those families with children. According to Ken Murphy, FEMA Regional Administrator, children under the age of 5-years-old account for 52% of all child fire-related deaths. During the winter months the rate of house fires tend to spike, placing children and toddlers at an even greater risk, Murphy also mentioned. FEMA reports that fires personally injure approximately 18,300 Americans annually, of that amount 3,500 are fatal. Children 14-years-old and younger make of 10-15% of all fire-related deaths. Children account for such a high number of fire-related fatalities most of them are unaware of how to escape their home in the event of a fire.
FEMA offered the following tips to keep children safe and how to prevent fires:
– In the kitchen, keep children 3-years-old and younger away from the stove and other hot appliances. When pots are on the stove, use the back burners. When using pots with handles, turn the handle towards the back of the stove.
– Inspect fireplace flues and chimneys for leakage and blockage.
– If using space heaters in a home, place them on a level floor. Do not place spear heaters on rugs or carpet and keep them at least 3 feet from all bedding, drapes, furniture and other flammable materials.
– Always tuck appliance cords in a space that cannot be reached by children.
– Test smoke alarms one per month. Replace the batters at least one per year.
For more information and tips please see Fire Prevention Tips for the Home.

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