Halloween – Drunk Drivers and Pedestrian Safety in Jacksonville and North Florida

  • Sumo

On Halloween, there are an abundance of children in the streets of Jacksonville, Orange Park, and other North Florida cities, trick-or-treating from one house to the next. Halloween also brings out the party-goer and alcohol is often handed out to adults like candy is to children. The Florida Highway Patrol is looking out for both this year and has issued driver and pedestrian safety tips. In addition, the Florida Highway Patrol is also committed to cracking down on drunk drivers.
To avoid accidents this Halloween, drivers should be alert and drive more cautiously. If you are traveling in a neighborhood, be aware that kids are around and often their costumes are not bright. Drive carefully through the streets, especially in areas that do not have sidewalks. If a road is dark, be certain to use your high beams. f you are planning on partying with alcohol, it is important to take a taxi. The fact Halloween falls on a weekend means it’s more likely kids will be out later. Do not take chances with your life or the life of an innocent child.
For parents, children and other pedestrians, it is important to pay attention to traffic in your area. Be aware of the roadway at all times and know your area before taking a walk. It is also important to take flashlight and/or put something bright on your costume to attract the attention of drivers. It’s important to enjoy the night, but also pay attention to the time because the later it gets the greater the chance someone will be returning from a night of drinking.
For more safety tips, visit the Florida Highway Patrol website.

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