Florida Pool Parties Can Be a Nuisance

  • Sumo

Florida summer pool parties are regular weekend activities. With pools come children and that can lead to an unexpected accident. In Florida law, pools are considered an attractive nuisance. This basically means they are attractively dangerous to individuals. In this case, children may be attracted onto your property by a pool and if they are injured while on your property, then you can be liable.
In the summer many kids are out venturing the neighborhood during the day while the neighbors are at work. A pool is often attractive kids, especially on hot summer days like we have in Jacksonville, Florida.
In order to prevent accidents, it is important to have safety precautions set-up around the perimeter of the pool. The best precaution is a perimeter gate inclosing the pool with a latch and a lock on the latch. Often this is a good deterrent, especially for younger children.
If you have a pool inside an inclosed porch it is important to make certain that your locks are in good working order. Check the locks seasonally to ensure the best safety for the children in your neighborhood.
If you host pool parties at your home then be careful supplying alcohol while the children are in the pool. The more alert the crowd the less likely a child will go unattended around the pool. If the adults are going to be in and out of the house, then it’s a good idea to have one of the older kids (over 12 years of age) play “life guard.” While s/he will not be able to save a child from drowning s/he will respond by getting an adult.
Enjoy your summer, but also be cautious so that summer fun doesn’t end in catastrophe. If you have any questions or have had a child injured while at a friend or neighbor’s pool, then do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.

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