Florida Department of Children and Families to Investigate Pit Bull Dog Bite Attack Causing Death of Newborn Baby

  • Sumo

In Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida, a newborn baby died after suffering serious personal injuries from a Pit Bull dog bite attack at an Arlington home. Due to the death of this child due to a Pit Bull attack, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Children and Families will be investing the circumstances of this incident. Dogs, whether they are a Pit Bull breed or another breed, can be unpredictable especially around children. Sometimes, a dog (with no prior warning and no prior history) just snaps and attacks a child or attack. This may have been the case here. It is unknown at this time since the dog’s history or lack of history of aggression was not reported.
The death of this child is certainly a tragic loss for the family and the community. The incident is a reminder to all owners of dog to maintain control of the dog when around small children especially infants. Caution and safety measures should be exercised at all times for the protection of children. You can read more about this story at New Born Child Dies After Pit Bull Dog Attack in Jacksonville, Florida. See also Florida Law as to Dog Bite Injuries.

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