Dangers of Falling Televisions – Risks of Injury and Death to Children

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Dangers of Falling Televisions – Risks of Injury and Death to Children
In Illinois and other States, children are at risks for serious personal injuries and, in some cases, even deaths from a common household object. Televisions, especially older and heavier models, are placed on dressers or other furniture but not adequately secured or anchored. A curious child can pull on a television set. Alternatively, a child or another person may bump into a television set and cause the set to fall from the dresser or furniture. As a result thereof, a child may end up sustaining serious personal injuries and even death from the weight and force of the television set. Head injuries often result. A traumatic brain injury requires immediate medical attention and care.
It was recently reported that a 1 year old child died as a result of a television that was placed on an aquarium stand. It appears that the television was not anchored or otherwise secured prior to the incident. The child (Shaun Brown) was one of many victims from a falling television. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there were 169 deaths from falling televisions during the 10 year period between 2000 and 2010. The children in this statistic were 8 and younger.
While automobile accidents and other forms of trauma cause more deaths, this should not detract or take away from the importance of taking precautions to secure television sets – older models and newer ones. The homeowner or business owner should properly secure or anchor the televisions. Alternatively, a handy man or contractor should be hired to anchor the televisions.
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