Dangers of Power Lines and Electrocution in Florida

  • Sumo

Antonio Martinez, a South Floridian man who is originally from Pinar del Rico, Cuba, is apparently dead after being electrocuted while he was attempting to pick mangoes from a fruit tree in his back yard. Martinez was climbing a ladder and using an aluminum picker to grab the fruit, when the pole touched a nearby power line. The tree stood about 30-feet and, apparently, the aluminum ladder Martinez was using touched a nearby power line. Martinez’s daughter and her mother heard the fall. Both observed Martinez on the ground and tried performing CPA on Martinez. Martinez was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
The funeral arrangements are pending. If you would like to read more on this story see Man dies after be electrocuted while picking mangoes.
This man’s death is a tragedy for his family and his community. Children as well as adults need to be aware of their surroundings. Practice safety at all time in order to ensure the safety of your life and your child’s. Children should not play next to power lines and adults need to heed take caution as well. Electrical shock is a powerful force that can be deadly. Tragically, there continue to reports of serious personal injuries and deaths resulting from electrocution outside of homes and businesses in Florida and other States as well.

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