Brain Injury Caused by Boyfriend’s Abuse Makes Florida Girl Appreciate Life

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Amanda Linn was a 20-year-old nursing student at Kent State University when her life was changed forever by a drunken boyfriend’s abusive rage.
Linn was attending a party with her boyfriend at his fraternity house when he turned on her in a drunken rage, violently shaking her and slamming her head against a bed post. She managed to escape and thought she had not suffered any major injuries until three weeks later, when she developed headaches and tingling in her legs.
Diagnosed at Cleveland Clinic with a brain injury caused by a leaking blood vessel, Linn eventually had to undergo a seven-hour surgery to repair the vessel. Her family then moved to their vacation home in Punta Gorda to allow her to recover fully.
Unfortunately, she recently suffered a stroke and is having to learn to walk again. And amazingly, she is not bitter about her experience with a major brain injury; she says the incident has brought her closer to her family and made her appreciate life more than ever. She hopes to return to school to finish her nursing degree.
Brain injuries are insidious because of the damage that can be done without the victim even knowing it until it is almost too late. Lifelong disabilities can and do occur frequently with brain injuries, and victims should always consult with a personal injury attorney to be sure that both current and future medical expenses are covered.
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