Florida Continues to Lead Nation in Boating Accidents

  • Sumo

According to the 2009 Florida Boating Accident Statistic Report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Sunshine State continues to lead the nation in boating accidents with a total of 620 reported in 2009.
The leading cause of boating accidents by far was operator inattention. The leading type of boating accident was a crash involving a fixed object while cruising.
Of the 65 boating accident fatalities in 2009, almost half involved either alcohol or driver / operator negligence.
Personal watercraft (PWC) were involved in 23 percent of the reported boating accidents, even though they represent just 13 percent of all registered vessels in Florida. Half of the PWC accidents involved running into another vessel.
What we can extrapolate from the data is this: operator negligence is responsible for a majority of boating accidents in Florida. And where there is negligence, there can be and are serious personal injuries suffered by innocent victims of this Florida boating negligence.
The State of Florida hopes to lose its top ranking by increasing mandatory boater education requirements over the next few years. Boating educators / experts project a potential 25 percent reduction in fatalities over the next decade due to increased education.
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