Dangers and Risks of Watercraft Injuries in Florida – Legal Rights of Victims

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In Florida, the weather permits for watercraft and boating activity and recreation virtually year round. While boating, jet skis, and other watercraft recreation can be great fun, these activities also carry the risks of injuries and, in some instances, deaths when there is a watercraft / boating accident in Florida.
If it can be proved that the owner or operator of a boat or personal watercraft was negligent, then a case or claim for personal injuries may be pursued by the boating or personal watercraft injury victim. A personal injury victim can pursue a civil case or claim for medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and related damages.
A Florida Boating / Watercraft Attorney can help a personal injury victim and the family of the victim collect compensation / damages for medical bills, pain, suffering, and other damages. Contact a Florida Boating Injury Attorney for consultation, advice, and legal representation.
When boating, jet skiing, or using other watercraft in the State of Florida, it is important that safety precautions are taken:
1. Weather and Time. Before embarking on a boating or watercraft excursion, check the weather to make sure that the visibility is good, the water is manageable and not too rough for safe boating activity. Florida State law requires prohibit the operation of personal watercraft at between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise.
2. Safety Courses. When required and / or available, boating and jet ski safety courses should be taken so that the operators know safe operation and precautions to be taken during boating activity.
3. Age Restrictions. If there are age restrictions imposed by law, they should be filed. If a child is permitted by law to operate a particular boat or watercraft, then limitations should be set and adult supervision should be provided.
4. Supervision. When children are participating in boating activities, it is important that consistent adult supervision is provided to prevent or at least reduce the accidents and resulting personal injuries.
5. Life Jackets / Safety Vests. During boating, jet skiing, and related activities, life jackets / safety vests should always be worn. Safety is vital during these boating activities. Florida requires each occupant on a personal watercraft wear a life jacket.
6. Selection of Area for Boating and Recreation Activities. Select an area that is not crowded and that does not put swimmers, water skiers, or others in danger during these activities. The selection of a proper area can be key in preventing injuries from taking place.
7. Reduce Operator Distraction. Just like automobile accidents, many boating accidents take place due to driver or operator distraction.
An unfortunate and tragic boating accident was recently reported in Lutz, Florida. The boating accident took place on Lake Hobbs in Hillsborough County. It was reported that divers later recovered the body of Ryan Burke, age 30, who was from Lutz, Florida. See Florida Boating Accident Reported in Lutz, Florida.
A full investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and local police officials will be conducted to determine the cause, circumstances, and preventability of this tragic Florida boating accident.

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