Boating / Propeller Accident Reported at Elliott Key – Man Suffers Fatal Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

In the State of Florida and off the coast lines of the State of Florida, people enjoy boating and diving. In most instances, boating is enjoyable and fills the day with sunshine and fun. Unfortunately, Florida has its share of boating tragedies, personal injuries, and, yes, deaths. It was reported that a man fell off of a yacht at Elliott Key, Florida and into the propellers. What a tragic and disturbing end to a life which just prior to the incident was spent with friends on a yacht. It was reported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that the man fell off of a 65 foot luxury yacht. The name of the yacht was oddly enough “Gotcha”.
While other accidents are far more common that propeller accidents, this story should make all boaters take notice of the dangers of boating and the need for safety measures when a person is on or near a boat. The incident took place during a busy boating time of year in South Florida. See Man Dies from Boating / Propeller Accident in Elliott Key, Florida.

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