Riding a Bicycle While Under the Influence of Alcohol Can Be Dangerous Too – Risks of Biking Under the Influence

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A Jacksonville, Florida, bicyclist was recently sent to Shands Jacksonville in stable condition after he was struck by a vehicle on Philips Highway. According to police, the bicyclist appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The bicyclist, a middle-aged man, was struck by a woman driving a Ford Expedition. The man was attempting to cross Philips Highway around 10:30 a.m. when he was struck. He apparently did not look or misjudged the oncoming traffic, stated Detective J.D. Gregory of the traffic homicide division. The SUV sustained damages to its windshield and right-front mirror. Gregory also stated the driver of the SUV appeared to be within the 45 mph speed limited and charges against her are not being considered at this time. For more read Bicyclist suspected of being under the influence gets struck by car in Jacksonville, Florida.
Driving under the influence is not only dangerous for drivers but also for cyclists. Alcohol impairs a person’s judgment and reaction time. Drivers of bicycles, motorcycles or scooters also risk sustaining more severe injuries due to the disparity in size and weight of automobiles.

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