Saving Money on Automobile Insurance – Basic Tips for Vehicle Owners in Florida

  • Sumo

Buying car insurance can be a more involved process than one thinks. There are many different issues to consider when insuring a car. Below are some basic tips for Florida drivers selecting an automobile insurance carrier:
1. Insurance agents can be deceiving. Although agents can help you sort through the multiple policies, they may not have your best interests at hear. Agents may push certain policies to receive larger commissions. Ask about commissions and have the agents explain their recommendations. Also, ask your insurance carrier on ways to lower your premium. Of course, there are some excellent insurance agents out there as well who will only sell you what you need and what you can afford. Like with any industry out there, it is important to do business and get advice from a trustworthy company and representative.
2. Young drivers can’t catch a break. Young drivers, especially males under 25-years-old, are in a high-risk group and it can be sometimes be difficult to even get insured. It typically takes 3-4 years to start receiving lower rates. If you are a young driver try to avoid sports cars and opt for a car with lower engine capacity.
Also, ask your insurer for ways to score a lower premium.
3. Your credit rating can affect you. Today, more than 90% of of insurers use credit histories in their underwriting. Because so many carriers use credit histories it would be beneficial if you obtained your credit report before hand.
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