Is the Type and Amount of Automobile Insurance a Public Record in the State of Florida?

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Automobile Insurance Coverage

Is the amount of automobile insurance coverage considered a public record in the State of Florida? Following an automobile accident, the injury victim often needs information regarding the other person’s insurance coverage. This is especially important when the other driver is at fault for the automobile accident. At the accident scene, the police officer will collect information including insurance information. The drivers involved in a Florida automobile accident have a duty to cooperate with police officer as to request for insurance and vehicle ownership information. If the other driver at the accident scene does not have insurance coverage address of insurance in place, then the driver may receive an additional citation for lack of proof of insurance.

Minimum Insurance Coverage – PIP

In the State of Florida, each owner of a motor vehicle has a duty to maintain the state minimum required limits for PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage and property damage coverage. Often times the following question is raised:

Is the amount of coverage and type of coverage considered a public record in the State of Florida? The simple answer to this question is “No”. There is no central database to access online or obtain elsewhere to obtain the type and amount of automobile insurance coverage on a particular Florida motor vehicle.

Following an automobile accident, a person has a duty to cooperate with his or her automobile insurance company. In other words, the driver of each vehicle has a duty to report the accident to his or her automobile insurance company. Furthermore, the driver or owner of each motor vehicle has a duty to forward any letters received regarding insurance coverage or request for insurance code coverage to his or her insurance company. Each and every automobile insurance policy issued in the State of Florida has some kind of provision in the contract that requires cooperation and notice to insurance company following an automobile accident. Therefore, if a person receives a letter from another driver or an attorney, it is a best practice to forward a letter to the insurance company and let the insurance company deal with the other driver or the lawyer.

Because the issues of insurance disclosure, insurance coverage and other matters can be confusing and complicated, it is often helpful to get advice consultation and legal representation from a Florida Personal Injury Attorney.

Automobile Accident Attorney in Jacksonville FL

The attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A., a law firm based in Jacksonville Florida, have been representing accident injury victims since 1957. For over 50 years, the law firm has represented thousands of injury victims and their families. As part of the representation in each case, there is a need to review the insurance coverage, contracts, and policies to make sure that compensation is commensurate with the injuries and the available coverage. For free consultation with a Jacksonville personal injury attorney with Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.a., contact us today. All consultation then injury cases are free of charge in all cases are handled on a contingency basis meaning – No Recovery – No Fees.

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