Elderly Pedestrians, Nubark Nuhibian and Lillian Nuhibian, Die as a Result of Personal Injuries in Jacksonville Florida

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A Jacksonville hit-and-run accident left two seniors dead and a number of questions. A Florida couple, Nubark Nuhibian, 97, and Lillian Nuhibian, 66, were on their way home after Bingo when they were struck by a car driven by, Elizabeth Harmon. Harmon’s vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene.
The couple was crossing 103rd Street when they were struck by Harmon’s car. According to the police, Harmon was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting them. However, when she came to a stop, she was struck from behind by another vehicle.
It is unclear if the second vehicle caused any further damage to the couple or injuries. In Florida, leaving the scene of an accident is illegal and the Florida Highway Patrol has been diligent in investigating hit-and-run accidents.
When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the injuries can often be life threatening. Florida law allows the family or estate to recover for damages suffered due to the negligence of another, under the Wrongful Death Act, which you have ttwo years to file. If the at-fault driver was not insured, then the claim may be against the uninsured motorist coverage held by the injury victims. Uninsured motorist insurancehttp://www.woodatter.com/ coverage applies in two scenarios:
1. The at-fault driver does not have bodily injury insurance or
2. The at-fault driver’s bodily insurance coverage is not enough to compensate the injured party.

If you have been affected by a vehicle/pedestrian accident or believe you have a Wrongful Death action, then contact a Florida personal injury attorney to find out your rights and options.

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