Woman and Child Die in Gainesville Florida (Waldo Road) Automobile Accident

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Car accidents are unfortunately a large part of the driving experience in Florida. Just last week, a four car wreck in Gainesville killed a woman and child. The automobile accident occurred at the 8700 block of Waldo Road. Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Patrick Riordan described the crash as involving multiple rear- type collisions, but the cause of the first collision is unknown. According to the FHP, two of the vehicles involved were trying to turn onto a nearby church property when the wreck occurred. The names of the two people who died, an 89-year- old woman and an 18 –month-old girl, were not available. Lieutenant Riordan did know the two were related and were traveling in the same vehicle.
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles urges drivers to avoid eating and drinking, texting, cell phone use, smoking, adjusting the radio or CD player, and other distracting behaviors while driving to reduce the frequency of accidents on Florida roadways. For more information on this topic, see Woman, toddler killed in multi-vehicle crash on Waldo Road.

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