Why Is the Owner of a Vehicle Liable for Personal Injuries Caused in a Florida Automobile Accident?

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Why is it owner of a vehicle responsible or liable for injuries caused by the at fault driver in the State of Florida. Under Florida law, both the at fault driver and the at fault owner are legally liable for personal injuries caused by an automobile accident. Even if the owner was not present at the accident or in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the owner of the vehicle driven by a negligent driver is still legally liable for personal injuries and related damages in a Florida Automobile Accident. Some believe this is not fair; however, in the State of Florida, an automobile is considered a dangerous instrumentality. Because of this, Florida law sets forth that the owner of the vehicle who allows another person to drive the vehicle is legally responsible for the driver’s negligence or fault. When there is an automobile accident, the laws and applicable insurance issues can be very confusing. Because of this, it is important to consult with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney to get advice as to the legal rights as an injury victim.
When a person is injured in a Florida Automobile Accident, there are often issues involving automobile insurance, medical bills, medical treatment, selection of doctors, past medical treatment, future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other issues.
As noted in Rippy v. Shepard, 37 Fla. L. Weekly S 31 (Florida 2012), Florida has the Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine in place that imposes legal liability upon the owner of a motor vehicle when the motor vehicle is entrusted to an individual who was negligent in a Florida Automobile Accident. As noted by the Florida Supreme Court, the Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine is an old and settled rule in the State of Florida.
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