Who Is Going to Pay the Medical Bills for the Injured Pedestrian in Florida?

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When a pedestrian is it hit by a motor vehicle in the State of Florida, there are various sources from which medical bills can be paid for personal injuries caused by the accident. Florida laws can be quite complex regarding the rights to compensation and damages of an injured pedestrian. Because of this, is an important to contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney for advice, consultation, and legal representation when dealing with the challenges and issues of a Florida Pedestrian Injury Case. Pedestrians, hit by a motor vehicle or truck, often times suffer serious personal injuries. In some accidents, the pedestrian tragically dies from the traumatically related injuries. Thereafter, the family is faced with the challenges and issues involved with the untimely death and the issues that go along with a Florida Wrongful Death Case.
When a pedestrian suffers personal injuries in the State of Florida, here are some of the sources for payment of the medical bills associated with the accident / injuries:
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) from the Injured Pedestrian’s Automobile Insurance.
The PIP portion of the injured pedestrian’s automobile insurance policy may provide medical benefits for the accident related medical treatment and bills. Even though the pedestrian may not have been at fault, medical bills can still be submitted to and processed through the injured pedestrian’s PIP policy. This is part of Florida’s No Fault Laws that are in place.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) from a Resident Relative of the Injured Pedestrian. There may be coverage under a resident relative’s policy as well. This will depend on the availability of other PIP coverage and the language in the insurance policy for the resident relative .
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) from the At Fault Driver’s Policy. If the injured pedestrian does not have PIP under his or own policy or that of a resident relative, then the injured pedestrian may qualify for coverage under the PIP policy of the at fault driver or the policy of the at fault owner.
Health Insurance. If the injured pedestrian has health insurance, there may be benefits available through the health insurance plan. Typically, PIP benefits that are available are considered the primary coverage for accident related injuries and health insurance will be considered secondary coverage. In most cases, the health insurance company will send a questionnaire to the injury victim requesting information regarding automobile insurance and other forms of insurance. It is often helpful to get advice from a Florida Personal Injury Attorney regarding these questionnaires and other issues that arise following a pedestrian accident.
Bodily Insurance Insurance for the At Fault Driver / At Fault Owner. This form of insurance is optional in the State of Florida. Some drivers / owners have it and some do not. If this coverage is in place, it may provide payment of medical bills but it will only do so on a one time basis in most instances. Unlike PIP and health insurance benefits, bodily injury coverage will typically provide one lump sum settlement offer to pay for medical bills – past and future, pain, suffering, and other damages associated with a Florida Pedestrian Personal Injury.
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage – Injured Pedestrian or Resident Relative. Like bodily injury coverage, UM coverage is optional in the State of Florida. In addition like bodily injury coverage, any payments or settlements from an UM policy is typically on a lump sum or one time payment.
Because insurance companies often fight over which company should pay for damages, medical bills, and compensation for the injured Florida Pedestrian, it is often helpful to get the advice of a personal injury protection attorney to determine which insurance should pay, how payments should be paid, and the appropriate amount of compensation for the accident related personal injuries.
When dealing with insurance and compensation issues, it is important to read the policy and understand the provisions and rights under the policy. The aforementioned types and forms of compensation can be quite complicated and confusing. Because of this, an injured Florida pedestrian should contact a Florida Pedestrian Injury Attorney for legal representation. Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. is a law firm based in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. Since 1957, Wood, Atter & Wolf has been On Your Side – At Your Side for pedestrian injury cases and claims.

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