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Who Is Going to Pay the Medical Bills If I Am Injured in an Florida Automobile Accident and I Do Not Have Health Insurance?

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In Florida, injury victims often times have questions and concerns about medical care and treatment as well as the payment for the same. This is especially true for residents and visitors to the State of Florida who do not have health insurance. When there is an automobile accident in the Florida, there are various payment sources and options for treatment that could be available for the automobile accident victim.
The provision of and payment of medical care and treatment following an automobile accident can be quite complicated. Because of this, it is important to retain the services of a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. Here are some of the potential sources of payment or provision of medical bills when a person is injured in an automobile accident in Florida:
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage. Under Florida law, an automobile owner is required to carry PIP automobile insurance coverage. An automobile accident victim may qualify for PIP coverage under his or her automobile insurance policy, a resident relative’s automobile insurance policy, and or the automobile insurance policy of the vehicle occupied by the injury victim.
Medical Payment (Med Pay) Insurance Coverage. Med Pay is an optional form of insurance in the State of Florida. Unlike PIP, which is required under Florida law, Med Pay is optional coverage which requires an additional premium payment. A person may qualify for Med Pay coverage in a similar manner to the way which someone qualifies for PIP coverage.
Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If a person is on the job at the time of the automobile accident or otherwise engaged engaged in the course and scope of the employment, the person may qualify for workers compensation coverage for the payment of medical bills.
Letter of Protection. Some medical providers in the community will accept what is called a Letter of Protection otherwise known as an LOP. This document is usually signed by any injury victim and the injury victim’s attorney. The LOP represents a promise to pay the medical provider upon the conclusion of the case or claim. A medical provider is not required to provide or accept a letter of protection. Furthermore, a medical provider can decide to at any time to cease providing medical treatment when there is a LOP in place.
Private Pay / Cash / Check / Credit Card. These are typically the last options for payment for a patient. Typically, if a person does not have health insurance, the person will not have available funds to pay for medical treatment. When a person is involved in a Florida automobile accident, obtaining medical treatment and care for the reasonable and necessary medical expenses can be quite challenging. It can also put a financial strain on an injury victim and the family for not only the medical bills but in instances where the injury victim is put out a work and unable to earn money while the person is treating for or recovering from the accident related injuries. When a person is injured in a Florida automobile accident, is important to retain their legal services of a Florida personal injury attorney so that the injury victim’s rights to compensation are pursued and damages are obtained commensurate with the extent of the injuries and related medical bills.

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