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Which Type of Medical Providers Treat Florida Automobile Accident Injury Victims?

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When a person is in an automobile accident what kind of doctors and medical providers are available for treatment for the person is involved in a Florida Automobile Accident? When a person is injured in a Floida automobile accident, there is often a question or issue as to the selection of doctors and medical providers following the emergency room visit. Many automobile accident victims in the State of Florida initially go to the emergency room or urgent urgent care center for an evaluation and treatment of injuries. Under the current Florida laws, there is no requirement that an injury victim first visit an emergency room or urgent care Center in order to establish a claim or case. Whether a person initially goes to an emergency room or not, the injury victim often times has questions about where to seek and obtain follow up medical evluation and treatment. There are a variety of doctors available in any given community in Florida who are available to treat a person under the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) portion of an automobile insurance policyt or other types of coverage when a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident.
Following a Florida Automobile Accident, the medical providers available for follow up care and treatment include the following:
Orthopedic Surgeons. Orthopedics surgeons treat injuries to the bones and musculoskeletal system. Many people believe that orthopedist only treat people when there is a fracture or need for surgery. This is not true as many orthopedic surgeons will see a patient and treat them conservatively even if there is no fracture or need for surgery.
Neurologists. Following an automobile accident, neurologists frequently patients because the pain and trauma associated with the accident often times result in some form of neurologic injury. Neurologist diagnose and treat pain associoated with head, neck, baack, and extremity injuries. A neurologist can help pinpoint or diagnose the cause or origin of the pain in the body and then set forth a treatment regimen including therapy, medications, and injections as necessary for the patient.
Pain Management. Many doctors train for additional years in the field of anesthesia and pain management. These doctors specialize in procedures that can be performed to assist the patient with pain relief as well as diagnosis of accident related injuries. While pain management is not recommended for every accident patient, this mode of treatment can be extremely beneficial for those accident victims having difficulty working or otherwise getting through their activities of daily living.
Physiatrist. This is a fancy name for a physical and sports rehabilitation physician. These doctors specialize in rehabilitation following a traumatic or sports related injury. Physiatrist implement a variety of treatment modalities depending on the patient and the type of injuries. Treatment by or through a physiatrist can include therapy, medications, and injections.
Chiropractors. Another medical provider (a chiropractor) can also provide diagnosis and treatment of accident related injuries. Chiropractors train for years in diagnosis and treatment tecniques of traumatic related injuries to the body and musculskeletal system. Typicaly, chiropractors use conservative treatment methods in the form of adjustements and therapy to care for the injured victim. While a chiropractor cannot prescribe medications or perform surgery, the therapy provided by or through a chiropractor can be very beneficial and helpful to patients dealing with automobile accident related injuries.
Physical Therapists. Another medical provider who works with injury patients is the physical therapist. Many accident victims do not want to take medication or undergo injections. Conservative physical therapy can help the patients adverse to procedures or medications as well as those who do not need such care and treatment.
Neurosurgeons. Unlike neurologists, physiatrists, and many orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons focus the entirety of their practice on surgical candidates and cases. Neurosurgeons do not manage patients in a non-surgical manner but leave this kind of treatment to other medical providers. If a patient needs surgery, a neurosurgeon and / or an orthopedic surgeon would be the medical provider of choice for accident related injuries.
The selection of medical providers for treatment following an accident or injury can be complicated and confusing. It is often times helpful to discuss the selection of doctors with the family physician, friends, and others who are knowledgeable of the medical provider’s background, reputation, and experience.

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