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Which Doctors and Medical Providers Will Accept Personal Injury Protection and Medical Benefits Under My Florida Automobile Insurance Policy?

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This is a question that is often posed by injury victims who have been in a Florida automobile accident. When a person is injured in an automobile accident, the injury victim may qualify for benefits under an automobile insurance policy held by the injury victim or a resident family member. Not all that all medical providers in the State of Florida accept PIP benefits under an automobile insurance policy. In fact, more medical providers do not accept such payments as compared to the medical providers that do. Currently, there is no list online or through an automobile insurance policy or otherwise that provide the names of the medical providers in a particular community that accept personal injury protection benefits for an automobile accident. How I do I find out if a particular medical provider accepts PIP benefits? This is another good question. There are several ways in which you can make this determination. You can contact the medical provider directly and ask the assistant or the office manager if the PIP benefits are accepted for payment. You can also ask a friend who may have been in an automobile accident where he or she got treatment and if the benefits are accepted by the medical provider. Alternatively, you can contact a Florida personal injury attorney for help and guidance regarding medical providers in the community that accept PIP and treat automobile accident victims.
Florida automobile Insurance policies, laws, and especially PIP benefits and provisions can be quite confusing to the typical person. Because of this is an important to contact me Florida automobile accident attorney for consultation, advice, and legal representation when there is a Florida automobile accident. A Florida personal injury attorney can let you know what resources and medical providers are available in the community that will treat a patient under PIP and Med Pay benefits. There is no legal requirement that any particular medical provider accept automobile insurance benefits to treat a patient. In fact, some medical providers have made a business decision to specifically reject or not accept benefits under the PIP policy. Some of these medical providers may believe that the type of work is beneath them or simply a hassle especially if litigation made may result. Other medical providers who accept PIP benefits are more understanding and except accept this form payment with the knowledge that the person needs the medical care and has no other source of payment. There may be no other benefits available, and, yes, litigation may result in the future. Furthermore, some medical providers including orthopedists, neurologists, therapists, and chiropractors are just more comfortable treating automobile accident victims then others.
It is important when there is an automobile accident to understand your legal rights and the available insurance benefits. The automobile accident attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have been representing automobile injury victims in the State of Florida since 1957. The firm’s motto – On Your Side – At Your Side – certainly applies to automobile accident cases. We are On Your Side – At Your Side – for legal advice and representation when you are a victim in a Florida automobile accident.

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