Where Can an Accident Victim Obtain Medical Care and Treatment Following a Florida Automobile Accident?

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An injury victim of a Florida automobile accident will need medical treatment in order to evaluate, diagnose, and treat automobile accident personal injuries related damages. Typically, there are various medical providers in each community who are willing and able to provide medical treatment to injury victims in an automobile accident. There are also many medical providers who avoid these kind of patients because the medical provider does not accept PIP or Med Pay automobile insurance as payment. Furthermore, these medical providers typically do not want to get involve with medical care that may involve subsequent litigation. If a person has PIP (personal injury protection) insurance, there are typically a number of doctors who will accept this type of insurance as payment for ongoing treatment for injuries related to an automobile insurance company The type of medical providers who accept this form of payment in the community may include chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, neurologists, pain management doctors, medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, family practice doctors, and physical medicine doctors. It is important for the medical providers to understand the necessary documentation and codes in payment schedules. In addition to PIP insurance, the medical provider may also be able to obtain payment through Medical Payment (otherwise known as Med Pay) type of automobile insurance coverage. If health insurance is available, the medical provider may accept health insurance for the medical care that is not covered by PIP or Med Pay insurance coverage. Finally, a medical provider may choose to provide treatment on what is normally called a Letter of Protection (LOP) or promise to pay.
It is typically a business and philosophical decision as to whether a medical provider will render care for an automobile insurance personal injury victim. The type of treatment provided and testing ordered should be left to the doctor within his or her discretion. A Florida personal injury lawyer can advise a client as to his or her legal rights, the value of the case, the available insurance policy limits, and the documentation that helps support the a claim or case for compensation for injuries and related damages.

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