When Will My Medical Bills and Wage Loss Be Paid in an Automobile Accident Claim / Case?

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When will I get paid for my medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering from a Florida Automobile Accident case? When a person is injured and otherwise suffers damages in an automobile accident case, there are are often questions involving the timing and amount of payment for the injuries and damages sustained in a automobile accident case. When will the medical bills paid? In an automobile accident claim, medical bills are typically processed or paid through PIP or Personal Injury Protection. Once the medical bills are properly submitted to the PIP carrier, the bills are paid within 30 days. However it should be pointed out that PIP ordinarily covers 80% of the medical bill. The remaining 20% of the bill that is not paid by PIP may be paid by medical / health insurance coverage. Depending on the medical provider the 20% that is not paid by PIP may be held as a balance pending the resolution of the personal injury claim. Some medical providers will require the payment of the 20% immediately or soon after the medical care is rendered. Because there are a number of Florida medical providers who accept PIP payments, a person of may be able to switch doctors if the person cannot afford to pay the 20% demanded by the medical provider. Most doctors who accept PIP payments will wait till the automobile liability claim or lawsuit is resolved in order to collect the 20% that is not paid up front by PIP.
Wage loss can be also be processed through PIP. PIP will pay 60% of the persons wage loss. The PIP insurance adjuster has 30 days to reimburse an injury victim for wage loss after the proper documentation is submitted to the insurance company. Typically, the PIP adjuster will require a wage history and physician statement or note as to the inability to work before processing the wage loss claim.
In many automobile accident and motorcycle accident cases, the PIP is exhausted or the PIP runs out before all medical bills and / or wage loss claims are paid. Most PIP policies provide for a cap of $10,000 for medical bills and wage loss combined. In other words, there is a total of $10,000 to cover medical bills and / or wage loss.
PIP coverage does provide for payment in a piece mail basis. In other words, medical bills and wage loss claims are processed and claimed in separate payments over time. Once proper documentation is submitted, the PIP carrier has 30 days to pay the claims.
While PIP does provide payment for medical bills and wage loss, there is typically a financial strain put on the injury victim. Because of the damages and losses caused by an automobile accident, PIP coverage is typically insufficient to fully and adequately compensate the injury victim. Because of this, the injury victim should seek compensation from additional sources of payment which may include bodily injury insurance coverage and Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM coverage).

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