When Should an Automobile Accident Injury Victim Return to Work Following the Accident?

  • Sumo

When a person suffers injuries in a Florida automobile accident, there is often times of a dilemma for the injury victim. When should I return to work? Can I perform the duties of my job? Am I at risk for losing my job? Can I afford to stay out at work? When is the doctor going to release me back to work? These are all excellent and important questions that often times arise following a Florida Automobile Accident.
As a practical matter, most families rely on the paycheck for the injured person in order to sustain the household finances and budget. Even one missed paycheck can cause a serious financial strain on a family. Because of these financial strains, many automobile accident victims have no choice to return to work even if the work itself causes further pain and suffering. When a person returns to work, it does not mean that the injured person no longer has pain or problems related to the automobile accident. Ideally, an injured person will only return to work when properly released by the doctor. Furthermore, the injured person should only return to work if the person is able to fully perform his or her work responsibilities without having to deal with ongoing symptoms and complications due to the accident related injuries. What is ideal is not always so practical. Because of this, many injury victims work through the pain and do their best to hold onto their job and income despite the hurdles and challenges presented by the automobile accident related injuries.
It is possible to collect lost wages resulting from an automobile accident. However some policies like PIP policies do not pay 100% of wage loss. PIP policies pay 60% wage loss. With respective wage loss that is not covered by PHP, an injury victim can seek to obtain compensation through the bodily injury insurance policy or the uninsured motorist policy. Unfortunately, a person must wait for a settlement in order obtain compensation from these policies. Wage loss is just one of many topics that an automobile accident injury victim can discuss with a Florida personal injury attorney.

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