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When Should a Lawsuit Be Filed for an Automobile Accident in Florida?

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When should a lawsuit filed in an automobile accident case in the State of Florida? Because of the complexities of Florida’s automobile negligence laws and insurance regulations, it is often times helpful to have the assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney when dealing with these issues and decisions. Should a lawsuit be filed immediately after an automobile accident? Typically, a lawsuit is not filed immediately following an automobile accident. In most automobile accident insurance cases or claims, it will take time to determine the extent of damages, necessary medical treatment, wage loss, and the extent of medical treatment needed for the automobile accident related injuries. It is also helpful to know in advance prior to filing a lawsuit the extent of automobile automobile accident liability insurance that may be available to compensate the injury victim for his or her past medical bills, future medical bills, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, past wage loss, and future wage loss. When the medical bills, records and related documentation are obtained on a particular accident case, a Florida personal injury attorney can better evaluate the extent of damages and the available automobile insurance coverage to make a determination as as to the proper course of action. In most automobile accident insurance cases, a pre-suit demand is sent to the automobile insurance carrier in order to attempt a pre-suit settlement for the client. Many cases are settled before a lawsuit is filed. However, some claims are not settled if the settlement offer is not sufficient to fairly compensate the injury victim. Under those circumstances (and assuming there is sufficient insurance), a lawsuit should be filed to enforce the legal rights to compensation of the injury victim. It can be a difficult decision to make between accepting the settlement offer and proceeding forward with a lawsuit and related litigation.
Before any decisions are made as to a settlement offer, the injury victim should discuss the case / claim with a Florida personal injury attorney. No releases should be signed until the injury victim is fully informed of the value of the case and legal rights to compensation. See Automobile Accident and Florida Accident Attorney.

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