What Is the Requirement for Health / Medical Insurance Coverage as It Relates to Florida’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

  • Sumo

Florida does not require that a helmet be worn by a motorcyclist / biker or an occupant of a motorcycle. Technically, a motorcycle owner is required to carry a certain amount of medical coverage to avoid a requirement to wear a helmet. This issue typically comes into play if there is a motorcycle accident and there is an attempt to apportion fault to the motorcyclist who is not wearing a helmet. The issue or argument does not apply if the motorcycle operator had medical insurance or some type of health coverage in place pursuant to Florida Statutes. This can be a complicated legal issue on a case. If there is a motorcycle accident with injuries, it is best that the injured motorcyclist / biker contact a Florida Motorcycle Injury Attorney to determine their Florida legal rights and the Florida legal responsibilities of the at fault driver. See Florida Motorcycle Accidents. See also Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

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