What Are the Rights of Tourists or Visitors Injured in the State of Florida?

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Tourists Injured

In Florida, millions of tourists and visitors travel to Florida every year for vacations, reunions, business functions, weddings, and other events. In most instances, the trip to Florida is very pleasant and enjoyable. Unfortunately, many tourists and visitors to the State of Florida suffer serious personal injuries and some even die as a result of the negligence of others. When a tourist or visitor is injured in the State of Florida, there are often questions or issues that arise as to legal rights and insurance coverage. Because these matters can be quite complex and confusing, it is often helpful to have the advice, counsel, and legal representation from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville FL.

Tourists and visitors have the legal right to compensation when they are injured in the State of Florida. The right to compensation is not affected by the residence of the injury victim. If the accident or injury took place in the State of Florida, then the case will need to be filed or pursued in the State of Florida. The injury victim can seek medical treatment outside of the State of Florida.

A recent accident was reported in Fort Lauderdale (Broward County), Florida. Alanna and Michael DeMella were visiting the State of Florida for a two day marriage conference. It was reported that a driver crashed into a poolside cabana located at the Riverside Hotel. Of course, no one at the cabana could have predicted or expected any danger in the form of an automobile / pedestrian accident to take place on a relaxing Florida Sunday. Tragically, Alanna DeMella and her unborn child died as a result of the pedestrian / automobile accident. See Tragic Accident Kills Pregnant Woman from Medford, Massachusetts.

The death of Alanna DeMella will be a great loss for her husband, family, church, community, and the Pierce Elementary School. As a special education teaching assistant, Mrs. DeMella brought her joy and talents of education to children in the most need of her services.

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