What Are the Educational Requirements for First Time Motorcycle License or Endorsement Applicants?

  • Sumo

In the State of Florida, all first time motorcycle license or endorsement applicants must complete a BRC (Basic Rider Course) to receive a license to operate a motorcycle. Section 322.12 – Examination of Applicants provides the following:
1. The department is required to formulate a separate examination for applicants for a license to operate a motorcycle.
2. The examination must test the applicant’s knowledge of the operation of a motorcycle and applicable traffic laws.
3. The examination also must also include an actual demonstration of the applicant’s ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of the motorcycle.
For more information of Florida’s law on the subject to Motorcycle Licenses, see Section 322.12 (5), Florida Statutes – Examination of Applicants. See also Motorcycle Accidents in Florida.
Safety precautions are recommended for anyone operating or riding a motorcycle in the State of Florida. If a person carries at least $10,000 in some kind of medical coverage, no helmet is required. Furthermore, no insurance is required for owners of motorcycles. Whether the law requires it or not, most safety experts would recommend the use of a helmet and most insurance experts and attorneys would recommend that a person owning a motorcycle have appropriate insurance in place.

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