What Are the Dangers of Wet or Icy Roads? Just Watch This!

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Weather conditions can make roads very dangerous for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It is important for both experienced and inexperienced drivers to understand the dangers of wet and / or icy roadways. In an instant, a serious and deadly automobile accident can take place. In the aftermath of a serious automobile accident, traffic tends to slow down to allow police and fire rescue personnel to work the accident scene. In addition, drivers slow down to personally observe the aftermath of an accident which in some instances can be quite disturbing.

A video that has been posted to the internet shows a very frightening accident that took place on a wet and icy road. Certainly, serious personal injuries and even death may have resulted from this accident. It is difficult to see even what was left of the vehicle that was hit by the heavy semi truck.

Speed limits are posted for roads and highways. Of course, speed should be moderated or reduced when there is traffic or weather conditions that may safe driving more challenging or difficult.

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