What Are Considered Reasonable and Necessary Medical Expenses Following a Florida Automobile Accident?

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What are considered reasonable and necessary medical bills related to a Florida Automobile Accident? In Florida, people who suffer personal injuries as a result of an automobile accidents are entitled to compensation, reimbursement, and / or payment for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Under Florida’s No Fault laws, medical bills are first processed and paid under the injury victim’s PIP (Personal Injury Protection) automobile insurance policy. Most Florida PIP policies pay 80 % of reasonable and necessary medical bills. There is often times a question or challenge by the insurance adjuster as to which medical bills and treatments were necessary and reasonable. The treating physician is often times in the best position to evaluate the injury victim’s medical condition and need for current and future care.
Insurance companies second guess the opinions and findings of the treating medical providers. In any given case or claim, the insurance company can hire a doctor to perform a paper review of the care and / or a compulsory medical examination to determine the need for future care – according to the insurance company. Because these matters can be confusing and complicated, it is helpful to consult with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney on issues related to medical bills, insurance coverage, medical treatment, compensation, and other matters.
The insurance companies are well represented by its lines of adjusters and attorneys – you should be represented as well. Contact the Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. for a free consultation on your personal injury case. Since 1957, the personal injury attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have represented injury victims and their families through cases including but not limited to automobile cases, slip and fall cases, child injury cases, day care injury cases, school injury cases, motorcycle accidents, and trucking accidents.
Under Florida Statutes, there are no set limits on the amount of care a person should receive or the length of time that treatment should be rendered for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The facts and circumstances of each accident and injury should be evaluated and considered when determining the reasonableness or necessity of medical expenses related to a Florida Automobile Accident.

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