Volusia County, Florida – Changes to Improve Beach and Pedestrian Safety

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Due to an alarming amount of traffic collisions on Volusia County, Florida beaches, attendess can expect to see changes soon. Among these approved changes: more signs, a public-awareness campaign, designated parking areas for families and an experimental one-way traffic zone. All of the changes are expected to make beach driving a safer activity. Although Volusia County beaches have been driven on for more than a century, the death to two different 4-year-old children sparked a public outcry for the changes.
Although Volusia County officials refuse to completely ban beach-driving, these changes will are immediate:
1. Electronic billboards directing people to traffic-free zones and off-beach parking areas.
2. Yellow-diamond “Children at Play” signs placed throughout the beaches.
3. Multiple methods such as web sites and brochures will be employed to advertise traffic-free zones.
If you would like to read more on this topic and see more of the immediate changes effective on Volusia County, Florida beaches see Volusia County makes immediate changes to improve safety of its beaches.

The deaths of these children as well as the multiple injuries occurred by innocent beach attendees are tragedies for the victims’ families and communities. Hopefully, with the new changes, the beaches can become a safe environment for our children to play and enjoy the summer months.

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