Trailer Detaches from SUV – Deadly Accident in Central Florida

  • Sumo

Wanda Evete Keyes, 41, of Orlando was killed in a tragic car accident involving a detached trailer. Richard McReynolds, 42, of Orlando was towing a barbecue smoker on a trailer attached to his 1998 Lincoln Navigator. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, he was traveling on Old Winter Garden Road near Deleon Avenue when the smoker-trailer became detached, and crashed into the front left side of Keyes 1998 Ford Mustang; she died at the scene. Charges in the crash are pending.
If you tow a trailer in Jacksonville, you are subject to new and different challenges on the roadway. Towing a trailer is no small responsibility and should be undertaken with great caution and an eye toward safety first; an accident with a tow vehicle and trailer can have much greater consequences than accidents involving a small car. Whether you tow a barbecue smoker, small boat, a vacation trailer, or a cargo trailer, balancing the load and preparing the vehicle and trailer are critical to safe handling.
One of the most critical factors to safely operating a trailer is to know the weights involved and where they are placed. The first thing to determine is how much weight is being towed and confirming that it is within the towing capacity of the vehicle and other equipment being used; determining where the heaviest load is placed is critical to the way that the vehicle will handle on the road. For more information on this topic, see BBQ smoker trailer detaches from SUV, kills woman in another vehicle.

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