Sunbeam Road Accident Leads to 1 Death and 5 Injuries – Dangers of Driving in Jacksonville Florida

  • Sumo

A 3-car collision on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville, Florida killed one person and sent 5 others to the hospital. Local officials remained at the scene for a significant amount of time investigating and attempting to determine the cause of the accident. According to Detective J.D. Gregory with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, one vehicle was traveling westbound on Sunbeam when it jerked to the left, striking another vehicle. A third vehicle was also hit. The man driving the first vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The other five people sent to the hospital were not in life threatening condition. If you would like to read more on this story please see Fatal car crash on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville, Florida, 1 killed, 5 others injured.
Jacksonville, Florida is the largest U.S. city in terms of population and land area. Therefore, roadways in this heavily populated city can be extremely dangerous. Traffic can be heavy and road construction is an all too common occurrence. Thus, driver attentiveness is a must when driving in Jacksonville. Drivers must keep their focus and attention and the road at all times.

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