Steve Dupuy and Roger Vance Die in Terrible Automobile Accident Outside of Atlanta, Georgia

  • Sumo

In Georgia and other States, automobiles are dangerous instrumentalities. This is a fancy way of stating that serious injuries and deaths result from the use and operation of motor vehicles. One such serious automobile accident was reported outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Steve Dupuy, age 42 from Middleburg – Clay County – Florida and Roger Vance – age 42 from Canton Georgia were occupants in a vehicle that struck a tree about 40 miles outside of Atlanta. It was reported that the Chrysler 300 vehicle was demolished after it crashed into a big tree in a residential yard. It was reported that neither man was wearing a seat belt. You can read more about this story at Middleburg man 1 of 2 killed in Georgia Accident – Car Was Demolished.
Serious automobile accidents can occur any time – any place. It is important to drive safe and be alert at all times. There are just too many driver distractions these days that lead to accidents. Arrive alive by paying attention and driving at a safe speed.

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