Six People Hospitalized Following Automobile Motorcycle Crash in Orange County Florida

  • Sumo

Six people were hospitalized after a motorcycle ran head-on into a sedan in Orange County, Florida. The collision occurred a little before 9 p.m. at the intersection of Apopka Vineland Road and Silver Star Road. Both the driver and passenger on the motorcycle were transported to Orlando Regional Healthcare Center. Two adults and two children in the sedan were sent to other nearby hospitals, according to the accident report. An infant was also a passenger inside the car. Luckily the infant, who was seated in a car sear, escaped without injury. Neither the names of the victims nor the cause of the collision have been released. For more read 6 sent to hospital after head-on collision between motorcycle and sedan.
When there is a Florida accident involving a motorcycle, there are often times serious personal injuries due to the different in size and weight between the typical motorcycle and the typical passenger and / or commercial vehicle on Florida highways and roads.
Also, motorcycles do not provide the same amount of protection as automobiles, thereby exposing drivers and riders on bicycles to serious personal injuries.

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