Should I Sign a Release Sent from My Insurance Company or the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Following a Florida Automobile Accident?

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Generally, there are four types of releases / authorizations that automobile insurance companies send out to injury victims following a Florida Automobile Accident. Since the signing of a Release for an insurance company may result in the waiver of important legal rights, it is important to get advice, consultation, and / or legal representation before signing these documents for the insurance company. In pursuing benefits under or through an automobile insurance policy, there may be certain time limitations that apply. Because of this, it makes it even more important to timely consult a Florida Personal Injury Attorney regardin these matters. Here are the three basic Releases or authorizations that are typically sent to an injury victim following a Florida Automobile Accident:
1. Medical Authoization. This document will give the insurance company that authority to retrieve medical records of the injured person. Depending on the language of the authorization, it may provide authorization for records related to treatment for the automobile accidents AND prior medical records as well.
2. Wage Loss and Salary Verification / Authorization. This document will give the insurance company the authority to obtain wage and salary documentation for the injured person. These documents are obtained in order to process or document past earnings for purposes of wage loss claims.
3. Property Damage Release. This document is typically signed when a vehicle is considered a total loss and there is a settlement as to the value of the vehicle.
4. General Release. This document, in most instances, effectively results in the waiver of all claims against the at fault driver, at fault owner, and the automobile insurance company. An injury victim should not sign this document without legal representation or at least a consultation with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney.
The language of a release or authorization is important as there is no uniform or universal release that is used in every case or by every insurance company. Following a Florida Automobile Accident, an injury victim is often sent forms and documents from his or her insurance company as well as the automobile insurance company for the at fault owner / at fault driver. It is not always clear to the injured person what is being signed or what should be signed. Because of this, the injury victim should seek out advice to make sure that important rights are not being waived or compromised without fair and equitable compensation for the same.
The Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at the law firm of Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have been representing injury victims and their families since 1957. For over 50 years, the attorneys have dedicated their efforts and time to the protection and enforcement of the legal rights of injury victims.

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