Should I Sign a Release Provided to Me by an Automobile Insurance Company Regarding a Florida Automobile Accident?

  • Sumo

When a person is involved in an automobile accident, insurance companies often times act quickly to obtain a statement and attempt to resolve the claim with the injured person. A small settlement is offered by the insurance company and a written release is submitted to the injury victim. Many injury victims unknowingly sign away their legal rights when they accept the small settlement and execute the release. Under Florida law, written release can effectively waive the legal rights of an injured person to receive additional compensation for automobile accident related injuries and damages. Many accident victim’s have “buyers remorse” or regret after signing a release because their personal injuries turn out to be more serious than originally contemplated. After signing a release, if a person then seeks to obtain additional compensation from an insurance company, the insurance company will produce release and deny the request for further payment. Again, the signing or execution of her release can effectively waive a person legal rights, it is important to discuss the injury case with a Florida personal injury attorney before signing the release in before accepting any money for injuries from the automobile insurance company.

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