Serious Injuries Result from Automobile Accident on San Pablo Road (Jacksonville Florida)

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A Jacksonville man sustained life threatening injuries from an automobile accident that occurred on San Pablo Road. The accident occurred in the southbound lanes of San Pablo Road near the entrance to the Mayo Clinic. According to officials, the driver of a pickup truck stopped in the southbound lane to pick up building materials that had fallen out of his truck. One vehicle swerved out of the lane to miss the driver of the pickup truck, but the man was struck by a second vehicle. R.A. Harville of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that the driver’s view was obstructed by the vehicle that made the evasive move. The victim sustained major personal injuries, and he was taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center for treatment. Police said that another automobile wreck occurred in the northbound lanes of San Pablo due to the driver looking at the first accident.
The leading cause of most automobile accidents and near accidents is driver distractions. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes involve some sort of driver distraction. Further, the distraction occurred within three seconds of the vehicle crash. According to the study, the top five actions that occurred before a crash were: cell phone use, reaching for an object inside the vehicle, looking at an object outside the vehicle, reading, and applying makeup.
It order to avoid automobile accidents on Jacksonville’s roadways, it is important that all Jacksonville drivers exercise caution and avoid distractions when driving. For more information on this topic, see Man Struck In San Pablo Road Crash.

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