Semi Truck (Logging Truck) Rear Ends Vehicle Driven by Bunnell Florida Woman (Theresa M. Woodfin)

  • Sumo

The Florida Times Union recently reported on a fatal accident that took place in Flagler County, Florida. Theresa Woodfin was driving a Buick on Florida 100 when she slowed down to make a left hand turn to County Road 2005. A semi truck (logging truck) was behind Theresa Woodfin but unfortunately failed to stop to allow her the time and distance to safely make her turn. As a result, there was a fatal rear end accident that ended the life of Theresa Woodfin who was only 28 years old at the time of the accident. See Fatal Trucking Accident Reported in Flagler County, Florida. Since the trucking accident resulted in a death, there will be a full investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol and / or local law enforcement to more completely determine the cause and preventability of this fatal Florida accident.
In Florida, it is important for commercial drivers, especially those driving with loads, to pay close attention to the road conditions and traffic. A Florida automobile accident with a semi truck often times leads to serious personal injuries and, in some instances like the trucking accident referenced above, to the death of a driver or passenger. See also Florida Traffic Rules and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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