School Bus Laws – Children Are In Danger When Drivers Ignore Florida Law

  • Sumo

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has issued over 400 citations in the past 3 years to drivers who violate Florida Traffic Laws regarding the passing of school buses. Many laws are in place for the safety and protection of children. The laws regarding the passing of a school bus with its red lights on and stop sign arms extended are among the laws that truly serve to protect children. Unfortunately, drivers in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and other Florida Counties violate these Florida traffic laws. Why are these laws violated? Some are ignorant of the law. Some drivers just lack common sense that would lead them to stop when children are present as pedestrians departing or getting on a school bus. Some drivers just ignore the Florida laws in an effort to save a few seconds or minutes to get to their destination. Whatever the reason, children are put at risks any time that a driver ignores the Florida law as to the passing of a school bus. See Florida School Bus Laws Ignored. See also Florida Traffic Laws and Statutes – Frequently Asked Questions.

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