Road Debris on Jacksonville Florida Roadway Causes Multiple Accidents: Comparative Fault and Securing Truck

  • Sumo

Jacksonville woman, Dianna Poturich, was struck and killed in a car accident early Sunday morning on Interstate 295. Due to road debris, there was a chain of crashes that occurred at approximately 2:15 a.m. The first car was traveling northbound when it came to a stop after hitting roadside debris. The next car hit the disabled vehicle and then the third car, driven by Dianna Poturich came to a stop and she exited her vehicle. As Poturich walked by her vehicle, a fourth car struck her car on the left side, pushing Poturich’s own vehicle into her.
The road debris was not identified in the article, but often road debris is left from other vehicles not securing items on their car or truck correctly. Florida Statute 316.520 requires that all items be properly secured down on a vehicle so as not to be blown or dropped onto the roadway. In this case, had the debris been determined to be from a specific vehicle, then that vehicle owner could be liable for all accidents that occurred as a result. There may also be Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist issues applicable to a case of this nature if origin or debris cannot be linked to a particular vehicle or driver.
Florida also recognizes comparative fault, meaning that a percentage of fault can be placed on each vehicle. If one were to recover for damages, then the recovery will be reduced by that person’s percentage of fault.
In a situation like this, with multiple rear-end collisions, the assessment of fault could be distributed among the drivers. The percentages would be based on more detailed information that has been reported in the newspaper and Internet.

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