Resources to Teach Your Teen to Drive with Due Care – Florida Highway Patrol

  • Sumo

In Florida, a child can obtain a restricted driver’s license at the age 15 and an unrestricted driver’s license at the age of 16. Parents should educate themselves about the dos and the don’ts with teen driver. The Florida Highway Patrol has some helpful resources and information regarding teen driving on its website. There are pages for parents and pages for teens. Education and supervision are vital to safe teen driving.
As noted on Florida Highway Patrol website and other websites, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in Florida and other States. Approximately 20 % of licensed 16 year old drivers will be in an automobile accident. Over 300 teens lost there lives in automobile accidents in 2007. Because of these troubling statistics and risks, parents should do everything possible to educate and talk to their teens about safe driving. Parents should set rules and guidelines beyond the Florida laws. For instance, a parent can instruct his or her teen to refrain from mobile phone use while driving. Also, a parent can prohibit eating while driving and other distractions that lead to automobile accidents. While a parent cannot watch over a teen driver every minute of the day and at all times while driving, a parent can strive to do what he or she can do to positively influence and encourage the teen driver to play it safe and avoid distractions that take away from the skill and task of driving.

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