Rear End Accident in Tampa Ends Life of Woman – Dangers of Trucks in Florida Automobile Accidents

  • Sumo

On Florida roadways, there are a wide variety of motor vehicles. Some are quite large like semi trailers and oversized trucks and some are small like compact vehicles and motorcycles. Because of the disparity of the size, height, and weight of motor vehicles o Florida roads, there are dangers to occupants of smaller vehicles when there is an automobile accident. While the motto of all men are created equal is one to follow and abide by . . . it does not quite have the same effect when there is a Florida automobile accident. In Tampa, Florida, it was reported that a woman who was the occupant of a PT Cruiser died when her vehicle was rear ended by a Dodge Ram truck. Mai Amer D. Alahmadi (age 27) was the unfortunate and tragic victim of this Florida automobile accident. See Tampa Woman Dies in Accident on Interstate 4.
While it would be impossible and impractical to make all vehicles the same size and weight, the disparity in the size, weight, and height of vehicles in many accidents makes the injuries or impact much greater and, yes, deadly.

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