Rear End Accident in North Florida (Near Flagler County Line) Leads to Death of Two Men from New England

  • Sumo

In Florida, Interstate 95 is a major highway that spans the State from South Florida right up to the Georgia Border and beyond. It is a major traffic artery for the State of Florida that unfortunately is also the site of many major automobile accidents and trucking accidents. It was reported that a rear end accident on Interstate 95 lead to the deaths of two men from New England – James Bellerose (age 40) and Gary Kalil (age 39). See Two Dead After Crash on Interstate 95.
The State of Florida has specific traffic rules, regulations, and laws in place. Some of these laws specifically address rear end accidents, following too closely, speed, and other matters / issues that may be applicable to automobile accidents like the one reported. You can access information regarding traffic laws at – Florida Traffic Laws and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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